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What is self-education and how it can help you improve yourself

One of my personal heroes is Isaac Asimov, he was a great scientist and an author of more than 500 books. He said: “Self-education is the only education there is.”

So, let’s look at the problems of self-education.

Some people think they are not smart enough to learn by themselves or they have a fear of learning, others think they can not learn, that is expensive or simply they just think they can’t learn.

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Simple Steps to Self- Educate Yourself

Sometimes you need no tutor to learn. Self-education is possible to a person with enough curiosity, strong willingness to learn and self-discipline that makes one focused and interested in learning. Self-education ought to be a continuous life-long undertaking that does not always have to be drastic. With small daily adjustments to your lifestyle, you may find that you are learning a lot every single day.

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