Today I will share with you a solution to problems that most people are struggling with, that’s lack of focus , attention and stress.

The majority of adults and kids struggle with lack of focus and attention and stress. So what are the problems here?

Mandala coloring, a stress prevention tool

Mandala coloring tool

The mind wonders, you notice you’re in the class or you’re doing an activity and your mind goes somewhere else. This is caused by lack of focus. You are unable to focus or you have memory problems. You don’t remember where you have left things, you don’t know the vital information you were just given.

Once I was sitting in my high school class and my mind was somewhere else. So I had to used to come home and struggle the whole night, to catch up with what was being said in class. All because I didn’t had focus. The culprit again was lack of focus.

Negative thoughts: Sometimes you’re in a middle of an activity and some bothering issue from the past comes and bothers you. Again lack of focus, because you move your focus from the activity you want to do.

Absent mindedness: You’re try to do something, you’re in the middle of something but your mind is not present. You are not there. Your mind is somewhere else. Again lack of focus.

So, if we can improve attention on focus that means we can be successful in anything we want to do.

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What are the mandala coloring Benefits?

So, what are the benefits with the improve focus and attention and reduce the stress?

Better comprehension; we can understand things in a better way. When we can sit in a class or at work, we can understand things, because we have focus.

Better memory: We remember vital information that was given to us, we know where we left things.

Thought control: Sometimes when you sit down, for instance you want to enjoy a meal, but your mind goes somewhere else. But what if you are enjoying a meal, you can focus on enjoying the texture, the beauty of the food, the smell, the flavour of the food and that’s controlling your thoughts or choosing your thoughts. That’s the benefit of having improved focus.

Successful meditation: And if you can focus, you can have proper meditation and if you can’t have a proper meditation your days are not productive as you want it to be.

Stronger willpower: Once you have this power of focus that means you can achieve your goal. You can get what you want to get. And that gives you a strong determination and you feel a stronger willpower because you know you can get everything through focus.

Power of focus is weak in kids and adults. Why? Because it is considered as a hard work, when you say concentrate or focus, it’s like you may feel that you have to put an effort to do it, but it’s not like that.

You know, we tell the kids what we were told. You know us, when we were kids we were told, “You don’t pay attention to this, you don’t focus.”

And subconsciously we given up resistance to it, that if we focus we have to work hard, we have to put our selves under pressure. It doesn’t have to be like that, it has to be a natural way of doing it.

So we need to focus in order to perform at our best. Once we can focus we can be good at anything we want to do, at any activity we want to do. We can be successful at the school, at work or accomplish anything we want to do.

So, we have developed an amazing tool called Mandala workbook.

This is a 14 day Mandala workbook. It includes 14 mandalas – attention and releases tension, reduces stress. So, it takes 14 days to complete it.  In short Mandala is a geometrical pattern and intense treatment circle.

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It has been used for more than a thousand years in Tibet by Tibet Monks to improve their focus so that they could meditate. They were masters at meditation.

So they used to draw it in the sand, similar pattern to this, different patterns. So even Carl Jung, great mind like Carl Jung, has the habit of drawing a circle with pen and paper in the morning, draw circles and he put focus during the day. He had a much more productive day after he was done with Mandala coloring.

So, the way it works you paint mandala`s patterns, the good news is you can paint it anyway you want to do and at the speed you want to do. So, this is for instance one of the patterns and another pattern and you paint it the way you want it at your own speed.

So, I am going to share with you my own experience with this. So, these are 6 days pattern of this, if I can put this here back here, from Monday to Saturday. So, I have started with painting it with the colour I wanted to paint and each day after each painting I felt great power within me.

I could focus more on the activity I wanted to do afterwards. I didn’t have stress and I was focused. So for each day I got better and better within my focus. And after these six days, again I went on to continue the next 6 pattern that you see you, from Sunday to Friday, and as I painted each pattern I was drawn into it.

I kind of enjoy it every time and after that I could feel relieved and I could focus on the things I wanted to do.

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So I can tell you after these 14 days I feel great, I could focus more on that thing I wanted to do and I didn’t have any stress after that. So, mandala coloring is a great tool for anyone of you who wants to be master of your own job or successful at school or any activity you want to do.

So, as I said you paint it the way you want to paint it at your own speed. So, this is what you want to do before an exam or any important activity at your job or if you just want to reduce the stress.

An average of 15 minutes is needed to draw one mandala. You will improve your focus and have less stress when facing a challenge. I can assure you if you want to achieve your goal mandala coloring will help you to get there. If you are interested in Mandala Workbook, please send me a message. I`ll be happy to send oyu donwloadable link which you can print out.