“Determination and hard work almost always trumps talent.” The saying is almost there is to know about the power of deep desire. Success can be very elusive and in most cases having the mere skill to bring it home will not cut it. Determination and hard work on the other hand are very important requirements in achieving success. Wanting success goes deeper than fancy; the deep desire to succeed is driven from enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the trait that makes you endure, persevere and be persistent in chasing your success. It acts on you like alcohol; this deep desire blinds you to the loud negative cries that try to pull you down and always sets you on the path to achieving your success.

In chasing success, if you are driven by such deep desires the success that eludes you will be a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. Breaking this down to the everyday life, we all want that fat pay check, the big house, and even the dream girl. Desire overwhelms people with an insatiable appetite to take action.


KNOW YOUR GOAL INSIDE OUT: Follow the subject of your desire closely, read newsletters, magazines, follow experts within the field, be about your desires like you possessed them already. It helps to know every tiny detail there is to know about your goals; this increases your interest and consequently desire to get that success.


KEEP YOUR DREAMS IN SIGHT: When your dreams begin to seem bleak and distant remind yourself why you started the race. Recount the drive behind the dream, the rewards there are, the better life to come and mostly the happiness of achieving your heart desires. This will keep you taking bold steps towards achieving your goals with the mind-set that the end will be worth it.


LOOK FORWARD TO THE REWARDS: Keep in mind the sacrifices and pains it will take to achieve your goals, but it is the rewards that you stand to reap that will fuel your desire to succeed. Keeping your potential rewards at the back of your mind will have you working harder than you know you can.

WATCH THE PROS DO IT: Whatever your area of interest is chances are there are pros that have succeeded in that line of interest. You may not intend to do it the same way, but watching the pros that did it will set you right on the path to follow.

PUTTING YOUR DESIRES TO WORK: You need to put that goal, dream or desire to the front of your mind and start working on it now! It doesn’t matter who we are, millionaire, celebrity or just your average Joe/Jane living in an ordinary house. We all have obstacles and challenges in our everyday lives. It’s what we do with those challenges that either allow us to succeed or fail.


Think of it like this. When you were a child and you were learning how to ride a bike. You probably fell off a dozen times before you were actually able to make it down the street without mom holding on to the back. Yes you might have felt disappointed the first hundred times you tried and failed.

Your life is yours and it’s what you make of it. Only you can determine the outcome. While everyone will not become millionaires or become celebrities, having great success in life does not necessarily mean you must be rich in monetary terms. Being happy with your life and always striving for the best, trying your hardest to full fill your dreams is what makes your life rich.


You might have even given up for a little while. But more than likely at some point in time you got back on that bike. You tried again and you achieved your goal. What happened after you achieved the goal? It only got better. Eventually you were able to ride with one hand, then no hands. You kept on trying. You kept on improving. Just because you could not ride that bike at first, you didn’t throw it away and replace it with another bike. There was nothing wrong with that bike. It just took a little will power and a little work on your part to make it happen.

Having the desire to succeed is not easy to come by. It is a habit that you cultivate, nourish and care for overtime. Speaking of habits, you have the option to sign up with our free habit tracker via the link http://mehditoozhy.com/focus-success-l/.