A long time ago, animals they had their class and human beings didn’t have tools, but with true creativity they were able to deliver up tools so they could defend themselves or go hunting.

The making of things like arrows or sharp sticks have helped mankind survive, so through creativity human beings have been able to progress. It is said, that human beings are creative animals.

So what are the problems with creativity?

Something is a hard thing to do, or just belong to genius, or special tools required, to be creative or just some say “I am not creative”.

Albert Einstein, said” Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Click To Tweet

To me, creativity is about moving from this logic zone to the subconscious mind that is connected to the subconscious world.

You see ideas, solutions and their problems are rotating around the universe and through creativity you are able to connect to it.

I am going to show you, in a simple and easy way, how to be creative. Great minds like Thomas Edison or Mozart were able to be creative and they were able to connect to subconscious world and find solution to their problems.

If we are able to be creative, we can improve our life quality, we can be great at our job, school or at home.

Creativity is something that anyone can do. It is a matter of knowing how to do it.

creativity is all arround us

creativity is all arround us

What are the benefits of Creativity?

  • You can solve your problems.
  • You can enjoy simple things.
  • You earn more money.
  • You gain Self Confidence.

Because when you are creative, you know you can solve your problems. You can get better jobs and you are more relaxed.

How to start with creativity?

It is about being a smart learner. The first thing in being a smart learner is to overcome fear of failure. Because when you work on fear of failure, you increase the number of attempts, so you will try more.

And when you try more, you will learn from your mistakes that is, you can get the knowledge that you make during the mistakes or failure and apply to the next level.

One other thing about being a smart learner is, observe scientifically and you can observe scientifically in 3 simple steps.

One, is, you working on paper or you just your phone with sketch, make a sketch because you filter the important information.

The second is you quantify, you put numbers on it and then you reflect, you think, when you are able to observe scientifically you can learn more. The part of being a smart learner and understanding the concept that is to get the idea behind things.

And also being persistent and also going to a stimulating environment. This is a part of creativity that is to take a walk in the nature or just simply taking a shower.

Some of the work that I do I go and take a walk in the nature, so I can connect to this subconscious world.

I go and take a walk in the nature, so I can connect to this subconscious world. Click To Tweet

You see Mozart, which was a fantastic Composer, he had more than 650 song masterpieces. He were, able to get these fantastic masterpieces just by walking in the nature.

Netsche, a philosopher, he said “All great thoughts are conceived by walking.” So walking is an important part of creativity and a simple thing that you can do.

Another part of being creative is asking questions. Ask questions, like kids, saying “why not” because questioning opens curiosity, curiosity is a part of creativity.

Follow your passion, you need to love what you do, so you can be creative.

All these great points, Thomas Edison, Einstein, Mozart they loved what they were doing. That’s one of the reasons they were creative.

And being able to connect the dots, Steve Jobs once said,” Creative people are people who are able to connect things”.

Steve Jobs once said,” Creative people are people who are able to connect things”. Click To Tweet

As I’m interested in astronomy and constellations, it is a great example of how to connect the dots. You see if we look at the night skies, we see dots, blinking dots, these are the dots.

A long time ago some of us were creative enough to connect these dots.

You see here, these dots are blinking stars. And what do we have here are more than 88 star set constellations, a star map that enable humanity to plan their harvest in the farming and also make calendars.

And another important point was, navigation because of a North Star. So, if you know how to connect things, you are able to navigate yourself.

And, this help humanity quite a lot. And this are just a few of examples of being able to connect things.

If you have more questions about creativity, you can always send me a note and I will get back to you. Thank you and have a great day.