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How to tap in creativity like Einstein, Edison and Mozart did

A long time ago, animals they had their class and human beings didn’t have tools, but with true creativity they were able to deliver up tools so they could defend themselves or go hunting.

The making of things like arrows or sharp sticks have helped mankind survive, so through creativity human beings have been able to progress. It is said, that human beings are creative animals.

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Nine Lessons from the Greatest Minds in History you can apply today

Lessons from the greatest minds in history are simple and can easily be applied to your life.

1.Follow your curiosity.  Follow your curiosity, everything you see around you, is because someone was curious.  Albert Einstein one of the greatest minds in history, he said, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious” Because curiosity leads to imagination and imagination leads to creativity. So what you can do in your life,is to ask more questions and that starts the curiosity.

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9 simple tips that will instantly improve your focus

Focus is a skill and it can be improved. If you can improve your focus you can be more successful at school, at job and life in general.

Let’s look at the problems associated with focus – at work and school sometimes:

  • Your mind wonders
  • You don’t feel productive enough
  • You can’t sit and do things  
  • You cannot study
  • You have problems with memory and comprehension.

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Why goal settings is important and how your subconscious helps you achieve them

goal settings

goal settings

What happens in our mind when we set goals, why use the power of our imagination, how to overcome challenges, how great minds used their imagination, how one feels when they set goals and how to achieve goals faster, are just some of the questions we have, when it`s coming to goal setting.

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Improve attention and reduce your stress by Mandala

Eastern traditions have forever been known to be birthplaces of a number of spiritual teachings, and Mandalas are a major part of those traditions. However, the concept of a Mandala transcends time and cultures, and they have been used for centuries as a medium for spiritual growth and discovering yourself as a being of this Earth.

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How to leverage last year’s insights for this year’s improvements

How were my eating habits last year?

When one asks questions one begins to search for answers. So how were your eating habits last year. Additional questions to ask yourself are:

Are you consuming fresh vegetables? Ask yourself what you are putting in your body? Is it nutritious? So once one has this mindset you begin to ask questions. Once you have this diagram in your mind it helps you to have a fit and healthy body.

Are you exercising regularly? Do you walk to school or work? To you take the stairs or the escalator?  

Are you sleeping well?  When we sleep our bodies repair themselves so sleep is needed to be fit. Sleep is important.  We need sleep to be efficient during the day or the day is wasted.  

Are you drinking enough water? Eighty-five percent of our brain consists of water. Water is important to fight against mood swings and to keep us health to think clearly. But don’t drink just when you are thirsty.  Drink all the time.  It’s free and available everywhere. Once you drink enough water your brain cells start communicating better.

Did you feel physically fit doing your daily work? How do you feel during the day? If one is fit, you will begin to ask questions and feel better.

How did you treat people around you?

If one treats others well, it is good karma. If one puts good out into the world,       they will get good back. Your main responsibility is to do good things, decent things and you will get it back sooner or later. You are not responsible for the reaction of other people so focus on yourself. Next, I ask you:

last year reflections

Last year reflections are important for new year`s improvements

How is your relationship with your spouse/girlfriend? So ask yourself, how did I treat my spouse? Is it a good relationship?

Has your relationship with your family been healthy? Family is the backbone of life.  Ask yourself did I treat them? What do I want my relationship to be this next year? What can I do to be better this year? Who is your support group when you are in crisis.  One needs this to succeed. This is vital to a good foundation.

How are your relationships with friends?  Your friends are a part of your support system. It’s important to evaluate the relationships. Were they helpful to you? Do you share interests? I dedicated a chapter of my book, Keys to Success at School and Beyond, to friends and competition. They help shape your success.  Ask yourself how they affect you?  How do you affect them? A good friend helps keep your life in harmony.

Did you get to know people from all different background? This is diversity. Part of intelligence building includes knowing people from diverse backgrounds. It helps develop your personal growth. One can learn a lot from others with different backgrounds. It is enriching. I have been living in many different countries all of my life and it has helped me tremendously. It teaches you a different perspective and gives you a more open mind. They had great influence on me as a person.

Ask yourself, did I buy things I need not need?

Pay attention to need. Did I buy things I didn’t need? Albert Einstein said if you can’t say it simply that means you’ll never understand it. One needs to live simply and they will gain peace. One does not need useless things in their life. One just needs to live on a day-to-day basis. When you buy things that is based on a want or junk, this induces stress because you are buying something you don’t need. So keep this mind: for peace embrace things you use on a daily basis and for stress embrace junk and useless things. Once you have this diagram in mind when you go shopping, use it to make a decision that will be helpful to you. It important you not waste resources.

Did you achieve your desired income level? Once you ask this question you begin to think “How’s my path?” Is this the correct path? What can I do to be more successful?  We can can compare our income to last year’s and see how’s it going to be and what can I do about it?

Have you built the habit of spending less than you earn? If you exceed your budget keep this in mind so you don’t have financial stress.

Has your career progressed?  Are you going to do to make more progress in your career this year? Comparing yourself to last year can help you to see what can you do better this year. What do you need to do? Don’t compare yourself to others. Because once you begin to compare yourself with other people, they have different path in life.

What was my life’s purpose last year? 

Life purpose is important. Ask yourself what did I do last year in my life and what am I going to do this year? Include your job and family. Is your career something that energizes you? You know is it something that energies you? Is it something that makes you feel happy?

Have you found your life’s mission?

This actually bringing meaning to what you do and the activity that you do. Does it excited you? You have a purpose on this planet and each one of us is unique. You need to search within you to find this mission. I developed a chapter about this in my book here. I write about the activities that make you feel energized. There are some exercises in it that can be helpful to you.

Can you honestly say you are happy?

Are you happy with what you do? This goes back to the mission and doing the things that energize you, that make you feel good.. Everyone has a purpose inside himself or herself and it’s just a matter of finding it. These questions enable one to look for answers. Look for this treasure within you that will give you meaning, will give you purpose and will make you happy. After this seminar or this workshop you will go back and do some thinking in your private time and you will begin to find your answers.

Have you built the necessary habits for spiritual growth?

Depending on your faith, your spiritual growth takes different paths. Do you have the habits growing this, working on it? What will bring well being and meaning to your life. It could be the connection to the whole universe that you celebrate. Maybe from your faith? This work has to be done by only you.
These are the questions that will help one reflect on past year. Now, I want to mention my book. It is called Keys to Success at School and Beyond. It is about reaching your goals father and in an easier way. In addition to this book, I have one-one-one counseling sessions available. If you have questions contact me anytime on the Facebook, Mehdi Toozhy public figure. Feel free to get in touch if you need counseling. I am available and I can help you reach your goals faster and easier.

How finding purpose in your life makes you happier

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Purpose of your Life

Purpose of your Life

Every person is trying to find his or her purpose in life. We always did and we will always try to find things that drive us and that energize our lives. Every person wonders why we are here, why we live and what should we do with our lives. We want to be happy, to live happier lives and to be and feel fulfilled.   Are you trying to find your purpose in your life and just do not know where to start and what to do? Below are two simple steps which will help you to realize and to find out what your purpose in life is.

Step 1:

Are you good at doing something? Of course you are! Every person is good at doing something, because every person has its own set of abilities that are unique for that person. Do you like to paint? Or maybe you are good at writing. Regardless of what are you good at, think thoroughly about things that you may be good at and write them down on a piece of paper. Finding something to do that energize you and that you enjoy is very important to find your purpose. It can be a hobby like reading or chess. It can be your work, like teaching. It can even be volunteering. It’s important that you enjoy what you do.

Try new things. You want to know if you are good at something but you are not sure whether you really are a good painter or not. In that case, try something new. Try new things and see how those new things work for you. You cannot miss with this! By trying new things you will eventually come to a discovery that there are some things that you are okay at, some things that you are good at and some things that you are great at. When you find things that you are great at – stick to them.

Step 2:

Believe. Many people get discouraged very often, because they want to succeed and to see the ‘fruits’ of their labor – now. But that is not how things work in real world. In order for you to succeed, you need to work hard, invest your time and what is the most important- you need to believe that you can do it. Sure, there will be situations when you will feel discouraged, situations when you will think that maybe you should not do this and that. But before you quit, know that there is no gain without pain and faith that you can do it. After you realize that, you will also realize that victory is always sweeter after hard battle is won. Many people succeeded just because they believed that they will eventually succeed. They weren’t rich, they were not famous, nor did they have anything besides strong will and faith. And that is precisely what kept them going through the storm.

Practice. After you have discovered things, talents, gifts that you are good at, things that energize you – practice those things. With practice you will only get better and better and you will also learn something new, something that you did not know before and that can (and usually will) help you in the future. There are many examples of this. For instance, do you know how many hours did Cristiano Ronaldo had to practice his precise shot before he finally achieved that level that he could pass a ball to his teammate literally from anywhere on the pitch? It required a lot of patience, a lot of time and a lot of missed shots, but eventually his effort paid off.

You need to always try to maintain positive outlook on life and yourself. This means that no matter what happens, always give your best to stay positive. Scientists have proven that people with optimistic outlook on life have better chances of succeeding in every aspect of life, whether that concerns relationships, jobs, workout, personal improvement, etc. So, no matter what is currently going on around you, always think that things will and can be better.

Even though there are a lot of self-help books out there, I believe that this article will help you to realize that regardless of current situation, everyone can succeed. But in order to reach success, you need to give it a shot, you need to persist and to believe that you can succeed into finding true purpose of your life.


Keys to Success at School and Beyond Receives Approval from Iran Ministry of Education

Important Announcement
Author Mehdi Toozhy’s years of experience from numerous universities will provide insight into study techniques that he has perfected and proved through practice by some of the greatest minds in history.
Students and parents from Iran will soon have the tools to create a success strategy to give them motivation in school and life. After a rigorous approval process, Iranian-born author Mehdi Toozhy’s book, Keys to Success at School and Beyond has been approved by the Iran Ministry of Education. The book will now accessible to classrooms throughout the country.

The book conveys to students important skills needed to succeed in life. Author Mehdi Toozhy learned these skills on his own educational journey. After leaving Iran as a child, he attended school in Denmark and then Oxford. Upon graduation from Oxford he became a scientist and engineer. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

His journey was not a simple one. He left alone Iran as a 13-year-old and lived alone in Denmark. Toozhy struggled to find his path. He used many of these tools to earn his education and find success in life.

Toozhy’s message is simple. If one follows specific lessons, success in school and life is possible. This book conveys to students the important skills needed to succeed in life. These skills are not currently a part of the current educational system in Iran.

The book includes tips and tools on the following topics:

  1. Discovering your Learning Style: The reader will learn to appreciate their unique way of learning. Learn how to apply that style to become successful in life.
  2. Learn to Cope with Stress: This will help you overcome stress in your life’s journey and develop a strong mindset to deal with stress in an easy way.
  3. Learn how to cope with Friends and Competition: Learn about the fundamentals of good friendships. Toozhy will give tips to learn how to be appreciated by your friends.
  4. Don’t Ever Give Up: This is about learning how to be persistent. Success does not come overnight. Learn how to overcome setbacks and never worry again. Toozhy applies secrets to success from some of the greatest minds in history such as Einstein, Edison and Curie.

“I used this tools along my journey and I hope students and their parents will benefit from them in their every day life,” said Toozhy.

The tools will help students gain key success skills and insight to deal with life’s challenges as well as to learn to be academically strong in school and emotionally strong in life.

The Power of a Smile

power of a smile

power of a smile

“The robbed person that smiles back, steals something from the robber”— William Shakespeare

I walked into a coffee shop earlier this week and was greeted by a sweet, friendly and smiling barista as she took my order. I smiled back, and that smile remained plastered on my face even as I walked back to wait for my order. A gentleman sitting across from me saw it and nodded a smile back at me. I felt good.

There’s something about smiling that always feels good. Maybe it’s the feeling of being accepted or the joy of spreading your happiness and receiving it back. Nonetheless, smiling is a powerful lift for both the person giving it and the person receiving it. In fact, statistics indicates that more than 70% of all smiles are returned with a smile.

Feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins and the mood-enhancer serotonin are probably behind the joy we feel when we smile. Some studies report that a small amount of some or all of these neuro-substances are released with every smile.

The Benefits of Smiling

  • Smiling Relieves Stress

The Psychological Journal in 2012 posted a report on a study that was performed in the University of Kansas. Out Of the 170 subjects who took part in the study, it was found that those with the biggest smiles recovered quickest after being put through various stressing situations without their knowledge. Subjects with neutral expression didn’t experience these benefits.

Even without considering such studies, we all know that when we smile, we feel happier, and our mood is elevated. This subconsciously makes the brain drift away from distressing thoughts and encounters. Smiling is thus an effective stress reliever.

  • Smiling Makes One More Amiable

A genuine radiant smile increases the trust that the recipient of the smile feels in the giver of the smile. A big smile (not the crazy, creepy smiles) makes you easy to trust. People tend to relate better with happiness. Smiling makes one look happy. Thus, a smile will make you easy to approach and relate with.

In 2004, Penn State University showed that the success of most businesses in the service industry is partially pegged on the positive impact generated by employees smiling at their customers. Generally, customers have a better experience when they are served with a smile.

  • Smiling Increases Productivity

Individual as well as business success comes when you smile more. This is because as we’ve established, a smile will make you easier to trust and approach. Economic researchers have additionally found that happiness generally drives success both at the workplace and at a personal level. Negativity and sadness are energy-draining. Positivity, happiness and smiling are on the other hand terrific motivators and energizers. Grinning or rather smiling, therefore, could be the key to success in your career, life and other relationships.

Smiling When It’s Hardest to Smile

For some folks, smiling is spontaneous. For some people, however, life and certain diverse circumstances make it hard for them to enjoy the gift of smiling. I have a friend who once told me to always smile the hardest when it is hardest to smile. Tough encounters will occur at one time or another. Nevertheless, they will come and go as they have always done since the beginning of time. Therefore, do not let misfortunes wear out your smile; put it on wherever you go no matter the situation.

  • Remember Smiling is Free

When you are in a dark place, always recall that you have several tools that you can use. A smile, as we have already seen, has many untold benefits. The best thing about smiling is that it won’t cost you a dime. This is a precious gift that comes at zero cost. Simply pay attention to the smile and forget the numerous other weights that crush your spirits. Enjoy it and appreciate it in every way.

  • Conjure Up a Smile

Thousands of happy things have happened to us in our life. In your lowest moment when you fell that it’s hard to smile, you can reminisce about the good things to help you smile. Recall that funny comedy movie you watched with friends? This could be what makes you smile even at your worst experiences. Reflect on the good and happy blessing that have touched your existence and smile. Don’t forget what made you smile, when it was hard to smile and always use it to work up a smile whenever you need one.