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Without any doubt we now live in the most demanding times ever, the need for success, the necessity for survival, the race to wealth and fame, and even the struggle to the top and that is just to mention a few. While all those wants may seem very diverse they have something in common, stress. It is hard to set about achieving any of the desires without going through stress, and what’s worse is you will encounter stress irrespective of whether you achieve your goal or not.

Stress is not the big scare now, but looking at the possibility of a possible burnout due to stressing is where the scare is. Stress is more in the mentality than physical; it is a feeling which acts as a bound just between you and your appetite for satisfaction which will ultimately keep you from resting properly and appreciating how hard you tried to achieve a goal.

One way to reduce stress to the barest minimum in your everyday life will be to give up on all the big dreams and ambitions that plague your mind, but hey, who wants to be a nobody right? So scratch that and sit tight, your ambitions may be high as the clouds but you should fear the idea of failing than being stressed out. From here on you’ll be let in on how you can chase your ambitions without getting stressed out by employing daily goals.

Employing daily goals to alleviate stress

If you think about it, there are an awful lot of things and heights you really need most of them beyond your reach and that’s why they are called dreams, both in the workplace and wherever else. With so much to accomplish you would deal yourself in with stress and frustration if your big plan to achieve them all is to attack them at once. The expert advice you are getting a privilege to read is to employ daily goals, and here are five things to consider in the process:

  1. Look at the big picture and construct a plan to piece it together by breaking the picture into smaller pixels where every day you can contribute something substantially adequate to your big ambitions. When you don’t have daily goals what you have is a to-do-list, and a to-do-list will dump all the work you have to do right before your eyes and it might seem super motivating but eventually the weight of all that will come crashing down on you, and it will you stress you out then burn you out.
  1. Your daily goals memo will allow you choose a standard for the volume of work you have to do daily and set you on your way to getting it. If you have to draw up your list of daily goals yourself be sure not to include an unrealistic volume of work to do, as a matter of fact only add chores with a very realistic chance of achievement because you don’t want to drag a day’s work into another day.
  1. Once you have drawn up a list of daily goals for a certain day do not add more stuff to the list for any reason. If you happen to complete your daily goals in super-fast timing, great, take the rest of the day off and do something relaxing. Doing something relaxing after completing a task is the perfect combo for recuperation of any sort, and if you find yourself thinking “I don’t need this rest when there’s work to do” then think of the saying “you can’t achieve nothing from your burnout situation,” don’t ask who said that.
  1. Achieving your daily goal quest is best partnered with a little reminder; this lets you know beforehand to prepare to face another task or reminds you when you might be forgetting something. Just ensure to set an adequate reminder that spells out what the topic of the reminder is for.
  1. A very vital and important thing to remember when planning your daily goal is to keep your sights on the bigger picture, this way you can tweak your working pace, because in the end you don’t want to be stress free but not achieving anything.

A success story for motivation

Employing daily goals is a concept much appreciated by top successful people; an example is Jack Dorsey, CEO Square & Founder of Twitter. At the time when he had to run both companies he put in a strict 8 hours daily during the weekdays at both companies. That might sound very tedious but after 16 hours of work Jack could go anywhere he wanted to spend the remaining 8 hours.

As for you, you might only have a simple task ahead so maybe only 8 hours a day or less can spell a productive day and maybe jack will join in the recreation process after his 16 hour shift. Sign up with my habit tracker to help you on track with your new habits.

Checklist that will help you find your life mission, purpose and happiness

life purpose

life purpose

In this blog post you’ll learn how to use the power of mind to be motivated in pursuing of your happiness.

There are two questions you can ask yourself when you’re talking about life mission, purpose and happiness.

Have you found your life mission or purpose?

One of the indicator of having a life purpose is:

When you wake up in the morning is your energy up or is  it down? When you wake up in the morning do you look forward to the day or do you feel like not doing anything?

Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of the job you do?

What gives you energy? When you work, do you get energy or do you give energy? If you do an activity and it energizes, you that is a good sign of a good life mission.

The timeless. When Albert Einstein developed his theory he didn’t feel how time was passing and he would you lose track of time.That’s a good indication of what you are doing is your purpose or mission because you are so joyful in what you do.

Childlike joy. When you were kid the activities you did were just pure joy. If you have that same joy in your job as an adult, that’s also a good indication of your life purpose.

The other point I want to bring out is Reverse Planning. Let’s fast forward in time and you are 90 years old. If you look back, did you have the kind of family you wanted. The kind of job?  Did you accomplish what you wanted and have the type of friends you wanted? If you can look back and plan your life now, does it fit in line with your purpose?  These are pretty good indicators of what your purpose or mission would be in life. So reverse planning a good technique.

It is also important to give the reasoning behind what you do. The reason behind this was at times your life mission and the purpose can seem difficult but the reason behind so important and so significant that it makes you feel  great joy. So the reason in what you do can also be your life purpose. I connect happiness with purpose. These are connected to each other so if you have life purpose, you have happiness and if you have happiness you have life purpose.  I’m going to show you how they are connected.

The second question that you could ask yourself is…

Could you honestly say you are happy? Are you happy in what you do?

What it means to be happy differs from person to person.

Brainstorm! Sit down in a quiet room with your friends or alone and write down ideas. You will have a kind of general idea of what it is that makes you happy.

Inner State. The condition of your inner self inside you – is it joyful, is it sad? Do you feel anger? When you feel deep inside of you, joy is connected to your happiness. Check with our inner self and check your state of mind. Is there joy, sadness, or anger.

Power of your Mind. This is a tool that you have and it’s available in your mind and you can use it to bring happiness to you.  I want to give a simple example because you know when we talk about happiness it’s also how we look at things, the perspective of things. Let’s say it’s a rainy day and you feel sad. It’s cloudy, it’s rainy and if you look at this from this point of view plants and animals they need water and it brings them life. The rain you see that’s coming down gives life to animals, planets and to earth so that in a sense is joyful…it’s beautiful. So you can change your review on it and see the positive sides of it and that can bring you joy. Sometimes materialistic things seems to bring joy, seems to bring happiness but if you can train yourself to harness the power of your mind you can view things in a very positive way and that can bring calmness and happiness to you.

Goal Setting. Because goal setting gives direction and that direction brings comfort and security because you know where you are going. That is a good feeling and it is connected to happiness.

Time. According to an American Time survey, 33 percent of our time is spent sleeping and 33 percent is at work. After sleeping, the workplace is the most important part of your life. Choose work wisely. Great minds like Edison, Einstein, Picasso all left great joy and love in their work.  It brought them great happiness and joy.  

Small Steps. When one sets a goal, there are many steps to take. If you can break down these steps into smaller steps, this is a goal. By taking as many  steps you can get to your goal and that itself is a comfort because sometimes the goal itself can be you know far away and it makes you feel and it makes yourself incapable of reaching it. By following this model it will give you comfort that you need on your way to achieving your goal and that’s connected to happiness. Breaking down big steps to small steps will bring happiness to you also on your way to reaching your goal.

Be Grateful. You know being grateful meaning making a thank you list, a grateful list and putting the items like family, friends, education and health on the list is important. We human don’t look at the things that we have. So when you sit down and say okay you know I have these things and I am grateful for it, one of the benefits is that it brings you comfort and joy. It warms you up when on your way to achieve your goals. So a thank you list is a very good way of bringing happiness to you in the moment when you face difficulty.

Five Minutes of Silence During the Day. Find yourself a corner, quiet room and sit down for five minutes and just have absolute silence. This five minutes brings you to a state of tranquillity, peace and that’s connected to happiness. Silence is also connected to happiness because of the calmness it brings to your life.

Perspective. Let’s take a perspective on the things around us. This is you, you live on earth and the earth in the solar system and that solar system is in a galaxy milky way and that galaxy is in a universe…huge universe…vast universe. So we are really insignificant and small when you are looking at this planet compared to the sun. I know there are estimated to be around 100-400 billion stars in one galaxy and around 50 billion planets in this galaxy. And we are just one of the 2 hundred billion galaxies that’s out there, so if you look at it and you’re in little tiny dot that’s called earth, beautiful earth. Our purpose is try to understand what’s out there and to me we are small but we are significant when we look at the whole picture trying to make sense of it all. So that’s to me life purpose.

Keys to Success at School and Beyond Receives Approval from Iran Ministry of Education

Important Announcement
Author Mehdi Toozhy’s years of experience from numerous universities will provide insight into study techniques that he has perfected and proved through practice by some of the greatest minds in history.
Students and parents from Iran will soon have the tools to create a success strategy to give them motivation in school and life. After a rigorous approval process, Iranian-born author Mehdi Toozhy’s book, Keys to Success at School and Beyond has been approved by the Iran Ministry of Education. The book will now accessible to classrooms throughout the country.

The book conveys to students important skills needed to succeed in life. Author Mehdi Toozhy learned these skills on his own educational journey. After leaving Iran as a child, he attended school in Denmark and then Oxford. Upon graduation from Oxford he became a scientist and engineer. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

His journey was not a simple one. He left alone Iran as a 13-year-old and lived alone in Denmark. Toozhy struggled to find his path. He used many of these tools to earn his education and find success in life.

Toozhy’s message is simple. If one follows specific lessons, success in school and life is possible. This book conveys to students the important skills needed to succeed in life. These skills are not currently a part of the current educational system in Iran.

The book includes tips and tools on the following topics:

  1. Discovering your Learning Style: The reader will learn to appreciate their unique way of learning. Learn how to apply that style to become successful in life.
  2. Learn to Cope with Stress: This will help you overcome stress in your life’s journey and develop a strong mindset to deal with stress in an easy way.
  3. Learn how to cope with Friends and Competition: Learn about the fundamentals of good friendships. Toozhy will give tips to learn how to be appreciated by your friends.
  4. Don’t Ever Give Up: This is about learning how to be persistent. Success does not come overnight. Learn how to overcome setbacks and never worry again. Toozhy applies secrets to success from some of the greatest minds in history such as Einstein, Edison and Curie.

“I used this tools along my journey and I hope students and their parents will benefit from them in their every day life,” said Toozhy.

The tools will help students gain key success skills and insight to deal with life’s challenges as well as to learn to be academically strong in school and emotionally strong in life.

3 seconds of success

3 seconds to success

3 seconds to success

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Samuel Clemens

Success is something we would all like to have. It is in human nature to strive for it. Success can come from our careers, hobbies or our relationships and family life, it really doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is that fulfilling our dreams can make us much happier.

With that said, we need to have in mind that the world is full of people driven by success, but unfortunately, only a few of them actually achieve success. How do they do it?

There are no strict rules for success that you can follow, but if you want to be one of those lucky successful people, you can incorporate few things in your daily routine that will increase your chance of success. One of those things, or we can call them ‘rules’ is also ‘3 seconds of success’.

What are ‘3 seconds of success’?

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln

What does ‘3 seconds of success’ exactly means? It is really a simple rule and very easy to follow. You just need to give yourself three (3) seconds before you do any activity. That can be a simple everyday activity like drinking water, eating food or most important – responding to someone’s comment or participating in a group conversation. If you give yourself those three seconds, it will give you the time to be more prepared and have a better response to everything. That simple ‘3 seconds rule’ can definitely make you more successful.

How does it work? It’s really straightforward. If you are doing this before every activity you take, your brain will have enough time to react to anything around you so you won’t have any unwise reactions that could even make you look stupid. You need to understand that your brain needs some time to process every information and reflect on what has been done or said and that is when this ‘3 seconds rule’ comes to the rescue. Three seconds will always be enough time to formulate an appropriate and thoughtful response – or even to see if the answer is required or is it better not to say anything at all.

True benefits of ‘3 seconds to success’

But, how will you make this trick part of your routine? When you just start with using this rule, you can just gently pinch yourself somewhere discreet so you can remind yourself to give yourself 3 seconds before saying something. After some time, you will not need to do that anymore because it will become a part of your day to day life.

There are lots of benefits for you if you use it. For example, you will have enough time to think before any answer and that will make you look smarter. It will give you the confidence you need to have to become successful.

This can be really useful when on a job interview, especially if it’s a phone interview. Just wait three seconds before answering your questions. It helps your brain to process the question, so your answers will be smarter and you won’t seem nervous. Much more chance to get that job if your answers are not rushed.

Also, this is a great thing if you are a student. If you follow ‘3 seconds rule’ when you are having an exam, it will help you to have less ‘I don’t know’ answers and also help you think of the appropriate answer.

This simple rule will change your life and make you more successful. If you ever read or listened to experiences and paths of successful people, you will see that even lots of great minds apply this rule or something similar. If you develop this routine for answering any question or doing any activity, you will be less likely to say the first thing that comes to mind or do something inappropriate.

If you are dreaming of becoming successful, then this is something you need to think of. It will not take much of your time and it’s not complicated at all – and it will help. If you are still not sure, just try it for a week and you will see how people react to you differently. Also, you will be more confident when participating in any discussion or group activity. Just try it, you won’t be sorry.