iStock_ADHD-resizedADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. How does one approach it in a child?

The problems with ADHD include: lack of attention, low academic performance, not listening, not following instructions, no organizational skills, and procrastination. They also can’t relax and have to move all the time.

So how do parents help?


  • Believe in your child.
  • Self-educate them.  Take care of their education. Academic performance is not the only sign of intelligence. Creative and imagination can help them  be successful.

An example is Thomas Edison. He had ADHD and could not hear.   When he was a child, school rejected him.  His mom took charge and believed in him.  She self-educated him and trained him to become a researcher.  She exposed him to many subjects. She had a reward system in place. As a result, at age of 12 he was confident, a researcher, and open-minded because of exposure to a lot of information.

Another example is Theodore Roosevelt. He had signs of ADHD and ashtma. Has parents took charge and self-educated him.  His parents believed in him and self-educated him.

So know that when a child is daydreaming they may have strong imaginations.  Believe in them and creative a bond with them and they will be strong and confident.

Be sure to:

  • Expose to a wide variety of subjects.
  • Direct their energy toward their passions.
  • Train them to be a researcher.  Get them to earn the knowledge.
  • Reward them for everything they do.  Encourage the to achieve bigger steps.