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How to tap in creativity like Einstein, Edison and Mozart did

A long time ago, animals they had their class and human beings didn’t have tools, but with true creativity they were able to deliver up tools so they could defend themselves or go hunting.

The making of things like arrows or sharp sticks have helped mankind survive, so through creativity human beings have been able to progress. It is said, that human beings are creative animals.

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The Problem with Modern Education

Studious female high school student

Studious female high school student

Einstein said education is not about learning facts but about training the mind to think. What are the problems with education?

Modern education is not teaching students to be creative.

There is no training to be independent thinkers or to be imaginative or to be compassionate. Students need to feel others pain to help them with their needs.

Start thinking about what is our place in the unique.  Help think about what they are doing on this planet.

We all have success in us.  How do we achieve it?


  • Get out in nature.
  • Practice brainstorming.
  • Have a pen and paper with you all times.


One needs to be willing to be creative and they need to exercise it. Einstein used his imagination to be successful. He imagined sitting in bus and travel at speed of light.

In order to harness your creativity:


  • Sit in a quiet room.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Picture yourself in a forest.  Walk and listen. Touch plants.  


Here are steps to cultivate compassion.


  • Everyone morning and sit in three minutes of silence.
  • Find common points with others.
  • Imagine other people’s pain and suffering and see how to help them.
  • Volunteer at a charity.  Use time and creativity to help others.
  • Think about what is my role in universe?  It gives perspective on what you will be doing on Earth.  It helps one think big!


Keys to Success at School and Beyond Receives Approval from Iran Ministry of Education

Important Announcement
Author Mehdi Toozhy’s years of experience from numerous universities will provide insight into study techniques that he has perfected and proved through practice by some of the greatest minds in history.
Students and parents from Iran will soon have the tools to create a success strategy to give them motivation in school and life. After a rigorous approval process, Iranian-born author Mehdi Toozhy’s book, Keys to Success at School and Beyond has been approved by the Iran Ministry of Education. The book will now accessible to classrooms throughout the country.

The book conveys to students important skills needed to succeed in life. Author Mehdi Toozhy learned these skills on his own educational journey. After leaving Iran as a child, he attended school in Denmark and then Oxford. Upon graduation from Oxford he became a scientist and engineer. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

His journey was not a simple one. He left alone Iran as a 13-year-old and lived alone in Denmark. Toozhy struggled to find his path. He used many of these tools to earn his education and find success in life.

Toozhy’s message is simple. If one follows specific lessons, success in school and life is possible. This book conveys to students the important skills needed to succeed in life. These skills are not currently a part of the current educational system in Iran.

The book includes tips and tools on the following topics:

  1. Discovering your Learning Style: The reader will learn to appreciate their unique way of learning. Learn how to apply that style to become successful in life.
  2. Learn to Cope with Stress: This will help you overcome stress in your life’s journey and develop a strong mindset to deal with stress in an easy way.
  3. Learn how to cope with Friends and Competition: Learn about the fundamentals of good friendships. Toozhy will give tips to learn how to be appreciated by your friends.
  4. Don’t Ever Give Up: This is about learning how to be persistent. Success does not come overnight. Learn how to overcome setbacks and never worry again. Toozhy applies secrets to success from some of the greatest minds in history such as Einstein, Edison and Curie.

“I used this tools along my journey and I hope students and their parents will benefit from them in their every day life,” said Toozhy.

The tools will help students gain key success skills and insight to deal with life’s challenges as well as to learn to be academically strong in school and emotionally strong in life.

How to be happy in the moment

Happy Giff


“Be joyous for this moment for this moment is your life” Omar Khayyam

The sales lady in the store where I often go shopping always seems happy. It doesn’t matter what day it is; she is always smiling and jovial. At first I thought it was part of her job to put on a good smile. After all, I found it hard to imagine that anyone could possibly enjoy doing her job all year round.

I have known her for years now, and I have to come to learn that the biggest part of her appeal is that she lives in and for the present. The only reason that she seems happy is because she really is happy. This is something that almost everyone longs for: to be happy every single second of every single day.

Living in The Now

A major study on mental well-being by Harvard University found that almost every adult spends about 46.7% of his or her time thinking about things other than what he or she is actually doing. Daydreaming, therefore, has become commonplace for most of us. This not only distracts us from our tasks but nearly half the time, daydreaming will make us less happy.

Humans have the unique multitasking ability that makes them capable of focusing on stuff that isn’t happening presently. This has the benefit of helping people reflect on the past, learn from past encounters while anticipating and planning for future activities. The downside is that people misuse this ability so that they end up destroying their happiness.

Thinking in the present moment is crucial for happiness to occur. This is because the present is a gift that you can feel, see and experience. The now is wonderful since it actually happens; it’s not just imagined thoughts, hopes or fears.

There are two simple steps you can take to be happy in the moment:

  • Practice Gratitude

Everything we do is aimed at satisfying specific needs. Needs come in various levels. There are physiological needs such as eating, security needs, social needs, self-actualization needs, etc. Our entire life is a continuous struggle to satisfy our various needs. We are always focused on things that we wish to have and/or accomplish. Once we have accomplished the needs on one level, we soon start working to get the needs at a higher level.

It’s thus easy to get trapped in this unending race for fulfillment and fail to be grateful for what we already have. Living like this denies one the feeling of true happiness and contentment. Even when we achieve the target goals we feel unsatisfied, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

Let not your happiness become dependent on the achievement of things that you do not have. Instead, try to be truly grateful for the wonderful things happening in your life presently. Take a moment to think about everything that you are thankful for. You must realize that absolute happiness is impossible to achieve by acquiring things in the hierarchy of needs because these are constantly shifting. Nevertheless, what you have now is yours and you ought to find joy in it.

  • Smile and Laugh

At times, we delve into our lives and feel like there’s absolutely nothing to smile about. We feel that it is impossible to laugh in our present situation. Most of the time our mind is plagued with negative experiences from the past or crippling visions and worry about the future. This mindset influences our present mood so that it becomes impossible to feel happy.

Sometimes it pays to drop your anxieties about what might happen. Forget about past encounters and concerns about what might have and might have not happened. Simply accept your current situation and feel the bliss of being alive now. Smile more and laugh out often.

A report in the Scientific American Mind magazine documented findings that the emotional face we put on influences how we feel. According to the report, there’s a strong association between our emotions and how we look and react. Therefore, when one is happy, he or she will smile and laugh. Likewise, when you smile and laugh, this will make you feel happy. Therefore, just as the face communicates the state of mind, our state of the face may communicate to our mind.

“Life is a roller coaster, live, be happy and enjoy life” Avril Lavigne

You do not have to wait for that big moment when everything in your life is perfect for you to be happy. There’s so much joy in the present moment. All you have to do is look alive and live in the moment.



How to improve your intelligence

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” – Albert Einstein

Improve Your Intelligence

Intelligence is a quality required by most of the people in day to day life.

Sometimes you might get the feeling that you would have been able to tackle a situation better if you were more intelligent. We often see examples of people around us who can solve tricky situations due to their intelligence.

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The dot lesson: How to develop the golden success attitude

the dot lesson

the dot lesson

If we can learn to see the positive side of the negative experience than our life becomes much easier and enjoyable.  This is an art that if you master than you can manage any challenges that life throws at you.  In life there are many uncertainties and the only way we can manage a difficult situation is to change our views and response to it. The attitude is golden when you say to yourself:  what are the other parts that I don’t see?  I must say it takes some training but it can be done.

Our brain gives more attention to negative experiences over positive ones because negative events pose a chance of danger. That is one of the reasons that it is always hard to think positive when we are faced with some difficult problems in our job, school or life, but the good thing is that we can train ourselves to see positive side of a negative experience. Negative experiences are unavoidable, but only you can choose how you react to them. Learning the balance between the two is necessary.

Here are some difficult situations and tips that will surely train you to see the other 95% side out of a negative situation.

Bullies: These days, kids are often faced with bullies in school that make fun of them because they dress differently, because they wear glasses, because they are good at math and so on. Kids don’t really need to have a good reason to make fun of other kids. Unfortunately, bullying is a common part of childhood and the only thing you can do is to deal with that. I was bullied for 3 months in grade 8th. So I needed to change fast in order to overcome the bullies. I decided to do 100 push up a day. It was hard the first week but eventually after 3 months I managed to do 300 push up a day. The shape of my body changed to a body builder.  After doing a friendly wrestling match in school the word got out that I am strong and not to be messed with in any way.  So I somehow managed to turn a negative experience into a strong body that also gave me self-confidence.

Remember, you cannot control what other people think about you and what they say to you, but you can definitely control your response to it. Instead of letting that person upset you, say to yourself that you are in control and don’t let other people make you feel inferior

Response Control: When someone snap at you (with or without a reason), tell yourself that you are in control of situation by not snapping back. Remember that only you can be the architect of your own character. By snapping back you are just becoming the same person as the person that snap at you.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to develop self-control.

Turn limitation to creativity: If sometimes in school or life you are short on some important resources, just think creatively and see that situation as an opportunity to develop new ideas and practice creativity skills. You will be surprised with how your brain can think of amazing things when facing something negative.

Learning the lesson: You missed the deadline for something important like a homework project? Try to see what made you miss the deadline and what you can learn from it. If you are familiar with the things that are holding you back, you have an opportunity to change them. If you didn’t write your homework because your friends asked you to go out with them, next time tell them to wait an hour for you, so you can finish your homework first. In any mistake or failure there are valuable lessons. It is these lessons that will ultimately make you successful in the future.

When you are feeling some negative emotion, just change the way you are thinking of it. Instead of thinking that you are so mad at your parents or teachers or friends, just think how you are noticing that you are having angry emotion towards them.  Say to yourself that this difficult moment will pass and it is not worth being upset about it.

As you can see in all these are situations we can affect the outcome. You can choose how to react when something bad is happening to you. You can choose to see just the negative side of everything, but instead of that it will be much better for you if you learn to see a positive side of negative experience every time. That skill will help you achieve success in school and beyond.



How Nature Inspired Big Inventions in Human History

Nature’s the source of all real knowledge- Leonardo Da Vinci


Nature has inspired many great minds through the years. Various scientists and inventors have used Mother Nature as an inspiration for some significant inventions that were important to our future life. We bring you some of those inventions:

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Simple Steps to Self- Educate Yourself

Sometimes you need no tutor to learn. Self-education is possible to a person with enough curiosity, strong willingness to learn and self-discipline that makes one focused and interested in learning. Self-education ought to be a continuous life-long undertaking that does not always have to be drastic. With small daily adjustments to your lifestyle, you may find that you are learning a lot every single day.

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How to train your kids to be successfully independent

One of our most important goals as a parents is to raise children who will become independent and self-reliant people in the future. That is not easy thing to do on your own.

Most parents experience a time when they are torn between wanting their children to remain a little babies forever but also wishing for the time when they will be independent enough to do some things on their own.

The important thing to remember here is that we need to train our kids to be successfully independent. Because they will not learn that by themselves.

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