Dear Parents,

Raising a child in today`s world is a bigger challenge than our parents had to deal. Me, being of father of five year old kid and an avid nature learner, I`m realizing that good school itself is merely a tool. If the tool is not properly utilised it can do no good to your child. Not every child is the same with its unique perception of the world that is surrounding him.

It is impossible for school system to address all students in their unique way. It is our responsibility as parents to help our kids, to discover their perception model and adjust all of his learnings to the language that he understands.

Approaching the teachings of a school in a way that is unique to your child, will make it easier for him to open himself to a new learnings and possibilities.

I am offering your kids successful strategies that aims to assist them in the learning process and make the experience more interesting.

Although this is only part of what you can find in the book itself, my aim is to offer you a complete activity which can be put into practice with the children. Enjoy it.

Learn how to motivate your children, help them to see the big picture, giving them skills such as problem solving, communication skills, presentation skills, goal setting, how to choose role mode and boost their performance.

Mehdi Toozhy