If success was a meal it would be the most tasty, healthy and delicate meal with every positive nutrient to gain from it. Success comes in different levels and scales but it is arguably the most satisfying feeling there is when attained. Sadly, the road to attaining success is not always as satisfying as success; it takes time, criticism, loss on different levels, hard work and mostly endurance and perseverance to attain success, because it does not always come just on the first try.

In fact, failure so often occurs on the road to success that it is best to view failure as part of the means of attaining success. Failure is best defined as a temporary place of schooling, experience and learning when you don’t get what you aim for. In this place you will be molded and prepared to take several shots at attaining success, for every time you try and you don’t succeed it doesn’t spell failure it spells you are not ready enough. With perseverance and continued improvement you will eventually get success if you don’t then it only means you have more work to do and counting the number of individuals who have made it to success you’ll see very little or nobody made tangible success without being in the temporary zone of failure.


The following list features individuals who are currently successful because they didn’t accept failure, they turned it around and now they are on this list:


OPRAH WINFREY: Currently she is one of the few billionaires in the world and she owns a really incredible TV channel. Oprah got fired from her first TV gig as an anchor, and here she is a billionaire from the TV business. Her quote about failure reads, “There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.”


STEVEN SPIELBERG: Steven Spielberg is currently one of the most illustrious names in the movie industry. He is a talented producer and director, one of his works included directing the third part of the famous Indiana Jones film. As a young lad he couldn’t make it into the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, but now he’s grossed about $9 billion from the movie industry, such irony.


ABRAHAM LINCOLN: It will be sot of impossible to make up a list of successful persons who encountered failure and leave Abraham Lincoln out. He faced failure on numerous counts, going to war as a captain and returning as a mere private and failing severely in numerous business attempts. He kept on going and when he found himself with political ambitions he rode those ambitions right to the top and eventually became President of the United States.



PERSEVERANCE: This is your ability to keep pushing even  when you have failed before, sometimes you might need to knock louder to have the door of success open up to you but with perseverance you need to go back, tweak your plan and come back to knock. If you are rejected repeat the process and knock louder every time you come back.


ENDURANCE: Sometimes your success is blocked by a few temporary factors like a corrupt boss, inadequate funding, loss of a loved one, and more. In situations like this you’ll probably be able to smell the success but you are feeling too disgusted to carry on. Breeding enough endurance will help you wait just that little bit more to take your victory.


INNOVATION: In this case you have the power to get out of your state of failure by being creative and improving on what you had to offer before. Here you have all the right and ability to facilitate your success so sit down (or sit up) and wow the judges and take your success.


A POSITIVE AND INDEPENDENT MENTALITY: It is really tedious even near impossible to attain success all by yourself, but to get over failures and move on quickly you need to be able to anticipate your success even when only you can see it.

Truth is if your ambitions, goals and dreams are really big chances are they are not going to come easy because big dreams are not custom made, you have to figure them out and ride the storm till you achieve success, and that is how successful people are made in the end.

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