The most satisfying feeling in life is encountered by accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves each day, this way you can see and measure your progress, and be happy about it or not. It is a super positive move to chop your bug dreams and ambitions into small daily goals but how do you make sure you stay on track at the end of every day? The answer is accountability; this 14 alphabet word simply means the act of being responsible for one’s actions, an oversight definition of responsibility. In a bid to meet the goals you set out to achieve accountability can make all the difference; being engaged in some sort of accountability program where you have to make and receive daily reports and feedback respectively can keep you on your toes and on the track to achieving the bigger goal.


Accountability can come in various forms; if you have developed a much disciplined mentality you can be accountable to yourself. A lot of people engage in accountability keeping track of their daily progress on some smartphone applications, that works too but the most effective form of accountability is having an individual (preferably strict with no chills) to report your progress to, sort of like a coach or mentor. People don’t fail to reach their goals because they don’t have goals, everyone has goals but some people fail due to lack of motivation, irresponsibility, lack of enthusiasm, and a couple more that can be rectified by engaging in accountability.



Using a mentor or coach:  Having a to be accountable to a mentor or coach could be the end of your complacency; remember a mentor is a role model whom you admire and aspire to become, he is sort of your hero and having to be accountable to a mentor will push you to achieve your goals because you don’t want to disappoint your hero. A coach on the other hand will be one of similar experience and skill as the mentor but a little bit stricter. Having one or two of them will keep you at your accountable best.


Personal Accountability: This works for highly disciplined and motivated individuals mostly; keep a record of the goals you achieve as you gear towards your bigger goal. Create something like a log book for each day; it will be a lot of push in achieving your goals knowing you have to fill in something tangible for each day.


Keep purpose cliques: Just like in school where a couple of smart kids pair up to study and prepare for tests together the same method can be employed in achieving goals in life. For example, in cases of health you can find you a workout buddy, someone who isn’t so much of a friend. There is always a strange motivation to want to behave in front of strangers, now having to be accountable to one will certainly keep you on your toes. It is important to let your purpose partner ask about your progress and criticize you when necessary, and it is important that you are forthcoming with sincere answers.



  1. Improves your performance: Having to work with a coach or a mentor will afford you the luxury of having someone who lets you in on better means of going about your goals and when all the kinks have been smoothed out you will have a well-oiled system of going about achieving your goals.
  2. Hands stay on deck: As you strive to achieve your goals things are going to come up on the sides, sometimes even the temptation of taking a break and fooling yourself that you deserve it. However, having a serious accountability engagement might just be what you need to fight off these distractions and just about stay on track.
  3. Stay responsible: At first accountability will be tough on you, but just keep going and in no time you’ll find your new way of life has become a part of you, and even after achieving your goals you’ll fancy living in your new found tradition of efficiency.
  4. Measure your success: When you report to your accountability program maybe a checklist, or to a coach or mentor and you get a positive feedback, you can afford to move forward knowing just how much you have accomplished.
  5. Positive criticism: It is hard to put “positive” and “criticism” in a short sentence but with accountability you can; having to report to a mentor or coach can help you kill those voices in your head telling you “you can’t make it” and let your coach or mentor tell you how you can get better instead.

For accountability to be at its effective best you have to break your big goals down into smaller daily achievable goals, and as a head start to achieving these daily goals we present you with a means of starting your accountability campaign by signing up for our free habit tracker campaign via You can talk accountability all you want but in the end if you don’t want it bad enough success won’t come to you.