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What is self-education and how it can help you improve yourself

One of my personal heroes is Isaac Asimov, he was a great scientist and an author of more than 500 books. He said: “Self-education is the only education there is.”

So, let’s look at the problems of self-education.

Some people think they are not smart enough to learn by themselves or they have a fear of learning, others think they can not learn, that is expensive or simply they just think they can’t learn.

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The Problem with Modern Education

Studious female high school student

Studious female high school student

Einstein said education is not about learning facts but about training the mind to think. What are the problems with education?

Modern education is not teaching students to be creative.

There is no training to be independent thinkers or to be imaginative or to be compassionate. Students need to feel others pain to help them with their needs.

Start thinking about what is our place in the unique.  Help think about what they are doing on this planet.

We all have success in us.  How do we achieve it?


  • Get out in nature.
  • Practice brainstorming.
  • Have a pen and paper with you all times.


One needs to be willing to be creative and they need to exercise it. Einstein used his imagination to be successful. He imagined sitting in bus and travel at speed of light.

In order to harness your creativity:


  • Sit in a quiet room.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Picture yourself in a forest.  Walk and listen. Touch plants.  


Here are steps to cultivate compassion.


  • Everyone morning and sit in three minutes of silence.
  • Find common points with others.
  • Imagine other people’s pain and suffering and see how to help them.
  • Volunteer at a charity.  Use time and creativity to help others.
  • Think about what is my role in universe?  It gives perspective on what you will be doing on Earth.  It helps one think big!


How to change the frequency of your well being with positive words

Welcome to today’s post  which is about the effects of your positive words.

So what are the problems with the words? Words that come out of your mouth have power. Negative words give negative changes and positive words, give positive changes to everything around you.

When you say something that effects everything around you.

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Nine Lessons from the Greatest Minds in History you can apply today

Lessons from the greatest minds in history are simple and can easily be applied to your life.

1.Follow your curiosity.  Follow your curiosity, everything you see around you, is because someone was curious.  Albert Einstein one of the greatest minds in history, he said, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious” Because curiosity leads to imagination and imagination leads to creativity. So what you can do in your life,is to ask more questions and that starts the curiosity.

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Simple Steps to Self- Educate Yourself

Sometimes you need no tutor to learn. Self-education is possible to a person with enough curiosity, strong willingness to learn and self-discipline that makes one focused and interested in learning. Self-education ought to be a continuous life-long undertaking that does not always have to be drastic. With small daily adjustments to your lifestyle, you may find that you are learning a lot every single day.

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Mehdi Toozhy`s Online radio interview with Suzanne Strisower

Welcome back to Living Life on Purpose on the Living Blog Talk Radio network, I’m your host Suzanne Strisower and this is the last interview today in this series. My next guest has written another fascinating book, he is an Oxford graduate and he has also worked with renowned coauthors on research papers and published in the journal Sound and Vibration, he’s placed in the top 5% of the students while studying at the Danish Technical University and achieved 100% in many of his challenging technical subjects, and he wrote a book called “Key to Success at School and Beyond” and I want to welcome Medhi Toozhy to the show today.
Medhi, did I pronounce your name properly?

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