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How to tap in creativity like Einstein, Edison and Mozart did

A long time ago, animals they had their class and human beings didn’t have tools, but with true creativity they were able to deliver up tools so they could defend themselves or go hunting.

The making of things like arrows or sharp sticks have helped mankind survive, so through creativity human beings have been able to progress. It is said, that human beings are creative animals.

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The Problem with Modern Education

Studious female high school student

Studious female high school student

Einstein said education is not about learning facts but about training the mind to think. What are the problems with education?

Modern education is not teaching students to be creative.

There is no training to be independent thinkers or to be imaginative or to be compassionate. Students need to feel others pain to help them with their needs.

Start thinking about what is our place in the unique.  Help think about what they are doing on this planet.

We all have success in us.  How do we achieve it?


  • Get out in nature.
  • Practice brainstorming.
  • Have a pen and paper with you all times.


One needs to be willing to be creative and they need to exercise it. Einstein used his imagination to be successful. He imagined sitting in bus and travel at speed of light.

In order to harness your creativity:


  • Sit in a quiet room.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Picture yourself in a forest.  Walk and listen. Touch plants.  


Here are steps to cultivate compassion.


  • Everyone morning and sit in three minutes of silence.
  • Find common points with others.
  • Imagine other people’s pain and suffering and see how to help them.
  • Volunteer at a charity.  Use time and creativity to help others.
  • Think about what is my role in universe?  It gives perspective on what you will be doing on Earth.  It helps one think big!


Nine Lessons from the Greatest Minds in History you can apply today

Lessons from the greatest minds in history are simple and can easily be applied to your life.

1.Follow your curiosity.  Follow your curiosity, everything you see around you, is because someone was curious.  Albert Einstein one of the greatest minds in history, he said, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious” Because curiosity leads to imagination and imagination leads to creativity. So what you can do in your life,is to ask more questions and that starts the curiosity.

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9 simple tips that will instantly improve your focus

Focus is a skill and it can be improved. If you can improve your focus you can be more successful at school, at job and life in general.

Let’s look at the problems associated with focus – at work and school sometimes:

  • Your mind wonders
  • You don’t feel productive enough
  • You can’t sit and do things  
  • You cannot study
  • You have problems with memory and comprehension.

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Improve attention and reduce your stress by Mandala

Eastern traditions have forever been known to be birthplaces of a number of spiritual teachings, and Mandalas are a major part of those traditions. However, the concept of a Mandala transcends time and cultures, and they have been used for centuries as a medium for spiritual growth and discovering yourself as a being of this Earth.

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How Nature Inspired Big Inventions in Human History

Nature’s the source of all real knowledge- Leonardo Da Vinci


Nature has inspired many great minds through the years. Various scientists and inventors have used Mother Nature as an inspiration for some significant inventions that were important to our future life. We bring you some of those inventions:

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Mehdi Toozhy`s Online radio interview with Suzanne Strisower

Welcome back to Living Life on Purpose on the Living Blog Talk Radio network, I’m your host Suzanne Strisower and this is the last interview today in this series. My next guest has written another fascinating book, he is an Oxford graduate and he has also worked with renowned coauthors on research papers and published in the journal Sound and Vibration, he’s placed in the top 5% of the students while studying at the Danish Technical University and achieved 100% in many of his challenging technical subjects, and he wrote a book called “Key to Success at School and Beyond” and I want to welcome Medhi Toozhy to the show today.
Medhi, did I pronounce your name properly?

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