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How Can One Overcome Loneliness?



We enter this life alone.

We exist alone.

We feel lonely in life. This causes a lack of motivation and depression.  We don’t enjoy life enough.

How do we start to feel better?

Loneliness cases worry and emptiness in us. We need to accept it and make peace with it.

Follow these 3 steps to overcome the feeling of loneliness:


  • Control your mind: Do a five-minute meditation. For three minutes say positive words to yourself.  Say, “You look good or say thanks for trying.”  Write down your successes in a notebook.  Write down all you enjoy and look at when you feel down.  Also, in your mind, build a success chamber or peace room.  For example, Harry Truman during end last days of World War II said he had a  foxhole in his mind.  When lonely he would go in the chamber, closed the door and relax. It is just you in the room to relax and re-energize.
  • Take care of your body: Your body is the vehicle of your soul.  Go outside and walk for 20 minutes every day.  Eat mood-enhancing foods, such as walnuts,banana, dark chocolate.  Water helps a lot. It takes stress away and makes you calm. Next, invite yourself out to coffee, food.  Go enjoy it.  Reward yourself. Love yourself. Try to dress better. It gives confidence. Give a gift to yourself.  
  • Relationships: It’s not just about finding a partner.  It’s about finding peace with emptiness and as one accepts it then they begin to overcome loneliness. Many think one has to fill this with a person.  The problem is you don’t understand yourself enough.  Love yourself enough.  One will overcome this if one love themselves enough.  Also, be sure to:
  • Know your core values.  Help others. Have integrity.  
  • Don’t compare to others! We are all unique.  So fundamentally we are all alone and different/ unique.



How to change the frequency of your well being with positive words

Welcome to today’s post  which is about the effects of your positive words.

So what are the problems with the words? Words that come out of your mouth have power. Negative words give negative changes and positive words, give positive changes to everything around you.

When you say something that effects everything around you.

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How to Think Your Way to Success

what-is-critical-thinking  How can one think themselves to success?  It is easy and simple.

A static mentality means fixed / not changeable. A dynamic personality is changeable.

DaVinci said learning never exhausts the mind.

Michelangelo said always keep learning. A static person thinks they have learned enough a dynamic views learning as a way to advance themselves.

Richard Branson said do not be embarrassed by failures but learn from them and start again.  

Static personalities do not try again and don’t take lessons from failure. Dynamic personalities fail and get stronger.

When dealing with challenges, statics stay away from them and dynamic personalities see it as a chance to get better.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said the measure of a man is not when he stands in comfort but when there is a challenge and controversy.

When dealing with effort, dynamic personalities see it as the road to success while statics see effort as fruitless and useless.  Dynamics see it as fuel for your car to reach your goal.

Winston Churchill said continuous efforts, not strength or intelligence is the way to unlock your potential.

When dealing with criticism, dynamics need feedback but statics don’t want to hear it and get upset.

Bill Gates said one’s most unhappy customers are our greatest source of learning.

Subconscious problem solving is a great tool for our toolbox.  It helps us with challenges and to reach our goals and solve problems faster.  Sigmund Freud compared subconscious problem solving to a vast pool that consciousness is coming out of and falling back.

Subconscious is triggered by walking to solve problems.

Freud said a conscious mind is compared to falling into the sun and falling back into the great subconscious pool in which it rises.

If want to go from static to dynamic, get more tools in your toolbox.

Long-term success is possible if you have a dynamic personality.

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The Effects of Your Positive Words

thposThousands have lived without love, not one without water.
— W. H. Auden

Water… we are surrounded by it. It drops on us from clouds as rain. We bathe in water and we use water for cleansing everything. Oceans, rivers, lakes… they all consist of large quantity of water. Most of the time we take water for granted. We drink it, we waste it but the main problem is we do not realize water is more than just water. Water is so much more than we think and in this article we will talk about the importance of water and the connection between water and positive words.

Positive vs. Negative 

Did you know one positive word can change water’s structure? There is proof. A Japanese scientist named Masaru Emoto made a series of tests and discovered some very interesting results. Emoto realized both positive and negative words can have an influence on water’s structure by changing water’s crystals. During his study of water, Emoto came to some fascinating revelations. He came to a belief that water was the so-called ”blueprint of our reality” and our emotional energy and vibrations can change the physical structure of water. Emoto’s tests mostly consisted of putting water in glasses and then exposing it to different words, pictures, and music and then freezing it and analyzing how water crystals look. And through his research and analysis, he came to the conclusion that if we “influence” water with positive words, pictures, or music that water crystals will be nicely formed. On the other hand, if one puts water near negative influences, such as saying negative words, or if you turn on some loud heavy metal music then the results would be the total opposite.Those water crystals will be distorted and formed in an ugly and negative formation.

What Emoto also believed is water from different sources will have different crystal formations by default. This means water from a mountain stream will have a different molecule structure than water from our homes.

Differences in appearance of water crystals through different influences is visible in Emoto’s photographs. Positive words created nicely shaped crystals, while negative words created ugly, disease-like crystals making water appear dirty and sick.

Also, water crystals looked different when influenced with different genre of music. Water reacts differently when, for example, playing soft melodies of Mozart versus strong and aggressive sounds of heavy metal.

Say Positive Words to People Around You!

Above, we read how Dr. Emoto discovered how water reacts differently when influenced by both positive and negative influences.

But what happens with us when we are influenced by both positive and negative things? Do we react the same way water reacts? Does our molecule structure also change when someone says something nice to us?

The answer for that is simply — yes.

Humans are 60 percent made of water and as such we are also prone to changes. Our molecule structure also changes when influenced by different words, music, movies, scenes of violence (or love), etc.

If a person is positive, cheerful and optimistic, it can change how other persons around him or she will feel. That person can, just by being close to others, spread positive energy. There are many real-life proofs that being positive (just like negativity) spreads and it’s the same with positive and negative words (words of gratitude, affection, complimenting words), music and songs that spread positivity, even nice pictures. The water in us reacts to those positive things and because of that, we need to say positive words to other people around us, our family, our lovers, our coworkers. Your positive words will make everyone feel better. After all, positivity is something that all of us need.

So, next time when you want to say something to someone, think for a second or two. Because even one word or one sentence can influence other person for life. Be careful about the words that are coming out of your mouth.

You can make one person’s day just by saying thank you and saying some complimentary words or words of appreciation. Always do your best to be positive and to stay positive, because there is always something nice and beautiful you can be thankful for today. And before you know it, the feeling of joy will spread, bringing a smile and that spark of life to others.

And that is something all of us should do.


Nine Lessons from the Greatest Minds in History you can apply today

Lessons from the greatest minds in history are simple and can easily be applied to your life.

1.Follow your curiosity.  Follow your curiosity, everything you see around you, is because someone was curious.  Albert Einstein one of the greatest minds in history, he said, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious” Because curiosity leads to imagination and imagination leads to creativity. So what you can do in your life,is to ask more questions and that starts the curiosity.

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9 simple tips that will instantly improve your focus

Focus is a skill and it can be improved. If you can improve your focus you can be more successful at school, at job and life in general.

Let’s look at the problems associated with focus – at work and school sometimes:

  • Your mind wonders
  • You don’t feel productive enough
  • You can’t sit and do things  
  • You cannot study
  • You have problems with memory and comprehension.

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Checklist that will help you find your life mission, purpose and happiness

life purpose

life purpose

In this blog post you’ll learn how to use the power of mind to be motivated in pursuing of your happiness.

There are two questions you can ask yourself when you’re talking about life mission, purpose and happiness.

Have you found your life mission or purpose?

One of the indicator of having a life purpose is:

When you wake up in the morning is your energy up or is  it down? When you wake up in the morning do you look forward to the day or do you feel like not doing anything?

Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of the job you do?

What gives you energy? When you work, do you get energy or do you give energy? If you do an activity and it energizes, you that is a good sign of a good life mission.

The timeless. When Albert Einstein developed his theory he didn’t feel how time was passing and he would you lose track of time.That’s a good indication of what you are doing is your purpose or mission because you are so joyful in what you do.

Childlike joy. When you were kid the activities you did were just pure joy. If you have that same joy in your job as an adult, that’s also a good indication of your life purpose.

The other point I want to bring out is Reverse Planning. Let’s fast forward in time and you are 90 years old. If you look back, did you have the kind of family you wanted. The kind of job?  Did you accomplish what you wanted and have the type of friends you wanted? If you can look back and plan your life now, does it fit in line with your purpose?  These are pretty good indicators of what your purpose or mission would be in life. So reverse planning a good technique.

It is also important to give the reasoning behind what you do. The reason behind this was at times your life mission and the purpose can seem difficult but the reason behind so important and so significant that it makes you feel  great joy. So the reason in what you do can also be your life purpose. I connect happiness with purpose. These are connected to each other so if you have life purpose, you have happiness and if you have happiness you have life purpose.  I’m going to show you how they are connected.

The second question that you could ask yourself is…

Could you honestly say you are happy? Are you happy in what you do?

What it means to be happy differs from person to person.

Brainstorm! Sit down in a quiet room with your friends or alone and write down ideas. You will have a kind of general idea of what it is that makes you happy.

Inner State. The condition of your inner self inside you – is it joyful, is it sad? Do you feel anger? When you feel deep inside of you, joy is connected to your happiness. Check with our inner self and check your state of mind. Is there joy, sadness, or anger.

Power of your Mind. This is a tool that you have and it’s available in your mind and you can use it to bring happiness to you.  I want to give a simple example because you know when we talk about happiness it’s also how we look at things, the perspective of things. Let’s say it’s a rainy day and you feel sad. It’s cloudy, it’s rainy and if you look at this from this point of view plants and animals they need water and it brings them life. The rain you see that’s coming down gives life to animals, planets and to earth so that in a sense is joyful…it’s beautiful. So you can change your review on it and see the positive sides of it and that can bring you joy. Sometimes materialistic things seems to bring joy, seems to bring happiness but if you can train yourself to harness the power of your mind you can view things in a very positive way and that can bring calmness and happiness to you.

Goal Setting. Because goal setting gives direction and that direction brings comfort and security because you know where you are going. That is a good feeling and it is connected to happiness.

Time. According to an American Time survey, 33 percent of our time is spent sleeping and 33 percent is at work. After sleeping, the workplace is the most important part of your life. Choose work wisely. Great minds like Edison, Einstein, Picasso all left great joy and love in their work.  It brought them great happiness and joy.  

Small Steps. When one sets a goal, there are many steps to take. If you can break down these steps into smaller steps, this is a goal. By taking as many  steps you can get to your goal and that itself is a comfort because sometimes the goal itself can be you know far away and it makes you feel and it makes yourself incapable of reaching it. By following this model it will give you comfort that you need on your way to achieving your goal and that’s connected to happiness. Breaking down big steps to small steps will bring happiness to you also on your way to reaching your goal.

Be Grateful. You know being grateful meaning making a thank you list, a grateful list and putting the items like family, friends, education and health on the list is important. We human don’t look at the things that we have. So when you sit down and say okay you know I have these things and I am grateful for it, one of the benefits is that it brings you comfort and joy. It warms you up when on your way to achieve your goals. So a thank you list is a very good way of bringing happiness to you in the moment when you face difficulty.

Five Minutes of Silence During the Day. Find yourself a corner, quiet room and sit down for five minutes and just have absolute silence. This five minutes brings you to a state of tranquillity, peace and that’s connected to happiness. Silence is also connected to happiness because of the calmness it brings to your life.

Perspective. Let’s take a perspective on the things around us. This is you, you live on earth and the earth in the solar system and that solar system is in a galaxy milky way and that galaxy is in a universe…huge universe…vast universe. So we are really insignificant and small when you are looking at this planet compared to the sun. I know there are estimated to be around 100-400 billion stars in one galaxy and around 50 billion planets in this galaxy. And we are just one of the 2 hundred billion galaxies that’s out there, so if you look at it and you’re in little tiny dot that’s called earth, beautiful earth. Our purpose is try to understand what’s out there and to me we are small but we are significant when we look at the whole picture trying to make sense of it all. So that’s to me life purpose.

Why goal settings is important and how your subconscious helps you achieve them

goal settings

goal settings

What happens in our mind when we set goals, why use the power of our imagination, how to overcome challenges, how great minds used their imagination, how one feels when they set goals and how to achieve goals faster, are just some of the questions we have, when it`s coming to goal setting.

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Improve attention and reduce your stress by Mandala

Eastern traditions have forever been known to be birthplaces of a number of spiritual teachings, and Mandalas are a major part of those traditions. However, the concept of a Mandala transcends time and cultures, and they have been used for centuries as a medium for spiritual growth and discovering yourself as a being of this Earth.

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